Hub Fair - Talent Trade

Hub Fair - Talent trade is an exciting exposition of talent and an all day event that celebrates the second birthday of Hub Brussels.

This free “open door” project brought to you from a member lead co-creation process, gives Hub members the opportunity to showcase projects and professional interests, products and/or services, as well as their talents and skills.

Imagine starting a day with a yoga session to re-energize, after yoga enjoy a delicious brunch with live music (book in advance for a special price), stimulating  conversation and a wide range of activities and exhibitions to choose from for the rest of the day. Book presentationsworkshops, organic and seasonal cooking classes (reservation required), innovative and different projects and products, new trends and huge diversity in showstheatre and exhibitions… There will also be several activities for kids and families such as collaborative, interactive games around issues like sustainability. And to end this perfect day, a pecha kucha session focused on social innovation!

The Hub Fair - Talent Trade will be a great opportunity for you to witness the magic that takes place within the confines of our walls and to connect with dynamic people and projects. It is an interactive opportunity for all ages and stages. The possibilities are endless from sustainabilitycoaching and wellbeing to performances artsdesign and crafts for kids! An organic food and drinks stand will also be available all day in addition to the brunch.


New trends meet at Hub Brussels! Come and experience!



Booked in advance:
     Hub members : 12€
     Non Hub members: 15€

On the day itself:

     20€ (If there are still seats available....)

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Viola and Violins...

Claire Bourdet (violin) and Karel Coninx (viola) are musical partners who love to explore, experiment, and discover better ways to inspire audiences with the music that moves them.

Trained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the Menuhin Academy, they have performed in the world's most prestigious concert halls and collaborated with artists in a wide variety of musical genres: from Bernard Haitink, Martha Argerich, Vladimir Ashkenazy, ... to Bjork, Hooverphonic, Axelle Red.

From a belief that music can contribute to better world, they are constantly looking for new strings to be tied between people and communities, better settings in which our souls can be moved and connected.

...and Singers

Catherine Leclerc is a classically trained singer and musician, although her tastes and professional experience extend far beyond this broad genre. She describes the only stipulation in her musical preferences by saying “as long as it's quality, it’s ?ne by me.......”.

She has enjoyed an international professional singing career ranging from the great National Opera Houses of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, to the underworld vibe of Glastonbury all the way through to the bohemian streets of The Edinburgh Fringe. Cat is one third of the trio who forms Ali MacGregor's Opera Burlesque, playing the part of the naughty Fraulein Minsky.


Mini Hub - Workshops and Presentations 10:00 - 17:00

10h - 11h     Yoga

Simon Van den Daelen , Yoga teacher in the Sivananda' s tradition. Being stuck by a sciatica when I was traveling in India I discovered yoga and cured my self through a daily practice. Since that moment i made yoga a part of my life. I invite you to feel the bene?ts of Yoga through simples exercises, that will make you feel more connected to your body and  will calm your mind."

11h - 12h  Interactive Theatre Session on Social Innovation

Theatre Carbonique is a venture of comedians capable to deliver an inconvenient truth in a hilarious and positive way. From business theatre to street performance, they also provide dynamic conclusions set to conferences and events. Attend their live performance on the HUB Expo thematic “Social Innovation: Is another world REALLY happening?” inspired by the “very moment” facts and conclusions of that very special day (EN, FR, DU). More info:

12h - 13h  Are you a smart presenter?

Paul Arinaga will present his soon-to-be-released book The SmartPresenter™: Double Your Impact and Halve Your Preparation Time. Paul is an expert in information design and a marketing communications consultant, as well as a Toastmasters International certified Advanced Communicator. Lars Sudmann, co-author, is a former European Champion of Public Speaking and an award-winning trainer and communication coach, as well as an Advanced Communicator. During this interactive session, you’ll learn how you can increase your impact by spending less time “tinkering” with your slides – yet still produce better slides and deliver better presentations.

13h - 14:30h How you can help yourself overcome physical and psychological effects of stress

Various members of the Health & Wellness Hub team, through various interactive presentations, will take you on a journey from: "What is stress for you?" to "What really happens when your stressed - the neuroscience behind the beast?" and "What are the tools to reset the mind to a state of ease?" to end with easy to learn and apply self-help tools. Come, learn and be amazed how you can help yourself and others to a state of ease.

14:30 - 15:30 Biocentric Facilitation

Thanks to Odile you will connect, have fun, enjoy the present moment and learn new ways of co- creation: lively, innovative and playful with interactions, dialogue, movement, creativity and music altogether. Born 20 years ago and widely developed in Brazil, in the educational sector and among various public and private organizations. Biocentric facilitation is fun, lively, joyful but still very serious as it creates deep connections between participants , and generates the favorable conditions where co-creation and healthy participative processes can occur.

15:30 - 16:30 Intimate Table

Olivier will present the table that makes you feel connected with the one you're sharing the table with. We believe it is a ?rst step to a better world. You sure wouldn't do any harm to the one you feel connected to. We're all family.


Evening Program 17:00 - 21:00 

17h Film: Green Roofs

Webbit Films helps companies, organisations and causes tell their story in film. We use a cinematic approach to presenting a message visually. It’s about making powerful, short films rather than videos. The principals of Webbit are Paul Arinaga, Bernardo Camisão and Natalie Hill. We are all Hub members with a strong interest in social innovation and creative endeavours.
The films we will be showing are on the topic of green roofs. They were made in cooperation with Brussels Sustainable Economy (, an initiative of Bruxelles Environment, the Brussels Enterprise Agency and GroupeOne.

       The Hub video: Get Ready!

Still don’t know what the Hub is all about? Come and watch the Get Ready video that explains about the Hub

18h - 19h PechaKucha  Theme: Is another world really happening?

Social innovation in Belgium and beyond

The PechaKucha concept: each speaker has 6 minutes 40 sec. for a presentation in 20 images. Each image is on screen for only 20 seconds. No more, no less. 20 images x 20 seconds
each. Tempo, story, tension, show-and-tell.

Organized in cooperation with Alok Nandi


19:00 Sing Intro and Hub Song

“We are the world, we are the children…we are the Hub.” During this fun prelude to the party, we’re going to co-create an original song about the Hub and/or Hub values. Singer and vocal tutor Catherine Leclerc and aspiring musician Paul Arinaga will provide the direction and the music. You will provide the lyrics and your lovely voices. We may split into groups and do a little “Song battle” (in the interest of world peace, of course). Are you ready for this musical challenge?

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing but never felt inspired to take it any further? Then join Catherine that will guide you together with others from 19:30h onwards in learning the Hub song and creating a joint performance which will be held during the evening itself.

Are you up for the challenge to share your hidden talents?



20:30 Theatre Carbonique

Theatre Carbonique is a venture of comedians capable to deliver an inconvenient truth in a hilarious and positive way. Attend their live performance on the HUB Expo thematic “Social Innovation: Is
another world REALLY happening?” inspired by the “very moment” facts and conclusions of that very special day (EN, FR, DU).


All Day Events

Guheka. Baby-Carrier

By Diane: "Yes another world is happening, I do believe love and community are one of the keys we need to make it happen. I'm designing sustainable products for children, on of the coolest and useful product you can find on the market is a Guheka baby-carrier, I believe that the future belongs to the children carries-d on children grow with a feeling of security, they feel loved that help and contribute to love other ones easily. Love is the key of tomorrow's better word, children are the tomorrow's world habitants, loved and loving children will built a better world, let's love them, carrying.

Paintings & Photograph Exposition

The Hub is not only   a space-based and online community for social and environmental change
makers but has amongst its members also many creative artists. 

During the Hub - Talent & Trade - Fair they will show you their paintings and photographs.

The artists would also like to invite young and old to take part creating a collaborative artwork
during the day. This artwork will then take part in the "Global Art Project for Peace": , join in and show us how creative YOU can be!

Kids Corner

During parts of the day some of our members will organize entertainment for the kids in the
“Kids Corner”

Photo Booth

Need a new picture a special present for Xmas? Then have your photo taken by Charles in his photo booth

Snacks & Drinks

Discover another way to eat Asian with Sandoitchi: authentic taste, many organic ingredients and compostable packaging. Odara is the founder of Sandoitchi. She also wrote a cookbook about the
cuisine of her native country Laos. Come to the Hub to try and taste! More info:

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Brunch Hub Non Members (€15.00)
Brunch Hub Members (€12.00)
Cooking lesson (€0.00)

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December 03, 2011 10:30 - 10:30 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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